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Classic Solitaire Klondike Games, Play Easy and Relaxing Solitaire Offline Games

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Discover a solitaire game online, with Zynga Solitaire! From Zynga Games, the creators of Zynga poker, play a fun, friendly game. The solitaire card game is a puzzle game which trains your brain with classic solitaire experience. It is an offline game which you can play anytime. This classic solitaire game is the best free solitaire game app. Download the popular patience game that your friends are talking about! Enjoy a game by yourself, or save your score to play card games with friends. Zynga offers free solitaire card games for ipad, tablets and all phone devices, play solitaire anytime, anywhere! Enjoy these solitaire games free on your phone.If you like our solitaire Klondike game, you should try additional solitaire games by Zynga like spider solitaire, freecell solitaire, solitaire pyramid and the best of classic card games.Pyramid Solitaire - this free solitaire game will stack up differently than you expect! Remove pairs of cards that add up to 13 in this solitaire puzzle! FreeCell Solitaire - utilize free spaces (cells) as you stack up each suit from Ace to King in this patience solitaire card game. Prove your skill by beating the puzzles in this full deck solitaire variation! Solitaire Classic - shuffle up grand free solitaire card games as you play this top relaxing game. Looking to learn how to play solitaire? Theres no better place to learn your suits than with classic solitaire 2022. Harvest cards to make stacks of suites with real solitaire free. Never tried solitaire? If you love other tabletop games or puzzle games this solitaire free game is perfect for you! There’s an additional type of Solitaire - Solitaire 21It’s a mix of blackjack and solitaire where you arrange your cards to total 21, and raise your score in solitaire 21. Enjoy this twist on solitaire card games. Dive deeper into the solitaire story with this new twist on solitaire games free! Best of Single-Player GamesThis free solitaire by Zynga Inc. brings the fun of classic playing cards and board games. Whether you like the patience of card solitaire, the strategy of dominoes, peg solitaire, or mahjong solitaire, or anything, really, this solitaire free game is for you. If you like to play other concentration games and matching games like Match Up, Pleonasm, Shank or Pexeso, Solitaire by zynga will meet your needs.With these free card games, theres zero wrong answers; even if you spell it solitare, solitario or solitary, this solitaire zynga Inc game is here for you! • Daily Challenge: Have an adventure and earn crowns and trophies by solving unique solitaire challenges, everyday! Play solitaire challenges to build your level and win rewards • Special Events: Enjoy card games for free as you play previous daily challenges in Special Events. Enjoy solitaire free as you play these patience card games. • Easy to Play: Play deals that is at least one winning solutionSimple gameplay:• Customize your Deck and Background while playing solitaire classic free!• Unlimited Undo item to make up for your solitaire mistakes• Use Shuffle when you are stuck• Use Hint to find out the next move in this game of solitaire free for tablet. Addictive card games:• Draw 1 or 3 cards • Play solitaire right or left-handed• Check your solitaire statistics in this game of solitaire • Play solitaire ad free and maximize your time• Play basic free solitaire offline games from the comfort of your homeDownload Zynga’s #1 solitaire klondike card game!ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURESFor specific information about how Zynga collects and uses personal or other data, please read our privacy policy at of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at Our solitaire game does not offer solitaire cash games or real money solitaire games. Our game is free to play, however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currencybug fixes

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William Adkins

I love this game


Great game and fast all the time

Leonard John

Frankly I don't like it one bit

John Godfrey

Great time!!

karen tague

Very satisfying.

Francine Washington


Luann Watkins

It's great for my mind. I love this game.

Lisa Griffin

Good pass ⏲️ the proposed

Douglas Thacker

Give me hours of entertainment. Exercises my brain Passes the time while I'm waiting for something .

Rick Arnett